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Ecommerce Blueprint Is The Easiest Way Of building A Successful Store.

E-Commerce is one of the most valuable skills in today’s world. Most of us know how big brands like Amazon are ruling the market. A lot of offline stores are quickly shifting their focus to Online stores and if someone doesn’t change according to the trends then soonly they have to shut down their offices. Usage of the Internet and the purchasing habits of people have changed a lot. Earlier people used to check the product manually going to store, where touch and feel factor used to play a major role but changing with the time people occupied with their works. They are buying products with just the touch of the mouse or from the mobile phones.

Phenomenal increase of Intenet users and spending time online. Online Shopping is getting bigger and bigger:

When someone needs to buy something online, they would be checking on Amazon website first. It has become a habit for people while doing online shopping.

Because Amazon builds a brand and knows that they could find whatever they need on Amazon. Trust factor and delivery to your doorstep in an adequate amount of time.

The same thing happens with your favorite coffee shop.

Whenever you need to get coffee in the morning,  you probably would be going to the same coffee shop over and over again. It is because you’ve been habituated with the place and environment and must be feeling comfortable with their service.

The emerge of online stores worldwide! You must have heard about Dropshipping:

What is Dropshipping?

Mostly it would be like finding a product from a country like China where you find cheap market and ordering products from the manufacturer and sell it online with higher profit margins.

Of course, we get higher profit margin with the dropshipping method if someone finds a profitable product but the most difficult thing with the dropshipping method is you would be ordering only one product to the manufacturer so naturally, they do take time as that product would be coming somewhere from the country China mostly, The fact is generally people don’t wait a month to get something they bought online.

Though Dropshipping shipping gives you a higher profit margin but is ready to face getting complains about long delivery times.

People want things RIGHT NOW!

Whereas with AmazonFBA, you would buy a lot of stock and put it in their Warehouse.  It drastically decreases the delivery time.

This is the challenge online store owners face and they must know how to make customers satisfy even with the long waiting time.

And also to promote products, they would be spending Ads on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc. These are all the extra costs involved in it.

As an Internet Marketer, Tai Lopez created many programs such as E-Commerce Blueprint, Social Media Marketing Agency, the 67 steps, 5 Minute Millionaire Mentor, Credit Mentor, Real-estate Mentor, Funnel Agency, etc.

There are a lot of Dropshipping Courses, due to the changes in business models they are no longer helpful as they used to be once.

Let us discuss Tai Lopez E-Commerce Blue Print Agency :


This course is all about building a thriving and successful E-Commerce store.

In this course, Tai is teaches the fundamentals of how to make money online with E-Commerce. He also insists that this is not a common Dropshipping course as there are a lot of struggles involved in the regular dropshipping models where People leave negative reviews and demand for refun

Challenges with Dropshipping in Today’s World:

– It takes time as the Product should get ship directly from China and it may take 20-40 days.

– If you need to ship it fast to your customer, you need to pay for express shipping and it costs your profits

People don’t want to wait too long. They want things ASAP. How to solve this problem?

Earlier when dropshipping was new, there were only a few stores and the owners made huge amounts of profit. But this model is no longer works to the present situation as it used to work before.

As time passes by, Dropshipping is slowly taking to Newer directions

Comparing to earlier statistics and trends, we can surely if someone follows the same old methods, probably there’s a zero chance they would be able to build a sustainable long term business by Dropshipping alone.

On the other hand, Online shopping is getting bigger and bigger and the use of it optimally. The best way to start an E-Commerce Blueprint is a step by a step action plan.

Amazon built a Brand. And customers trust whatever the products which they see in Amazon. This is called brand establishment and it is the key to build a successful E-Commerce store.

Earlier, selling the trending products used to work but now it has become a quite difficult task and the only way to get success in online sales is by building a Brand. It is the quickest way and you would be having repeated customers. You don’t need to depend on one product and you can replace products, guarantee yourself Repeat Business.

This is where Tai Lopez  E-Commerce Blueprint course helps you and the goal is to teach how to build a thriving E-Commerce business. Building an actual brand and loyal and repeat customers to your store. AND they’ll do the marketing for you by telling their friends and family if they like your Product.

There are some reasons why Business fails and don’t sustain for a long period:

  1. Once you understand the things which we have discussed above, you would be surpassing 90% of other E-Commerce Business Stores.
  2. You must have a few Winning Products and form a system around it.
  3. Don’t go and pick a random product hoping that would do wonders for you.
  4. Picking proper products is a far more important thing in building a brand around it. You can charge higher prices when your store becomes a Trusted Brand.
  5. These are all topics that are covered inside E-Commerce Blueprint. You’ll learn how to build a brand and solve fulfillment issues.
  6. Instead of using Dropshipping as a long term business model, it is best to use it as a research tool and start transitioning into the brand building as soon as possible.

Below are all topics that are covered inside E-Commerce

How do you build a successful E-Commerce Business and a Trustworthy Brand? 

Most of the courses teach you how to find tending products after trending products.

  • When you have a Real Business Brand, you get repeat customers. This is the quickest way to build a No – failing business. By always replacing products you’ll pretty much guarantee yourself Repeat with a brand, you can charge higher prices. It’s the reason why Starbucks can sell a smaller sized coffee and charge us $5 for it.
  • You would be getting access to monthly live question and answer calls. There is a private community group who helps out during the process in a step by step approach saving you a lot of time.
  • Fast Quick Start Lessons for earning and implement things.
  • Tai Lopez and his Trainers would be showing step by step methods turning your simple store into a famous and trusted store, building good brand identity.
  • Important things like how to turn your one time buyers into life long customers who would be taking your products.
  • Perfect Subscription Method and High End Developed Funnels for scaling your Instagram marketing channels and acquiring more sales.
  • The different Household items which are bringing profits today.
  • What are Best Tools?
  • Access to the Big Vault of Live calls.
  • Tai is confident of his program that he gives a 30 Day money-back guarantee. So in the next 30 days at any point in time if you feel that this program is not for you, then he would be offering Money Back.
  • A lot of Tai’s student’s success in making their journey from the E-commerce Blueprint Program.
  • Need to take the advice of experts who gone through the roadway and became successful.

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