My Honest Review of Tai Lopez Cashflow System Super Affiliate Program

Tai Lopez Cashflow system is a new trending topic. He keeps on saying Build Multiple Streams of Income – But How exactly Tai Shows you to build multiple Cashflow streams?  

Let me share my Experience and Review about Tai Lopez New Program Cash flow Super Affiliate Referral Program. Most of the budding entrepreneurs and Internet Marketing new bees would be searching for proper information about the cashflow system program. I too had many doubts related to price and benefits before taking action especially related to Affiliate Marketing as there would be a lot of challenges involved in it. Probably, when Affiliate Marketing was new, it was a great fruit to start with online for earning good amount of profits. Many people in the past have done that. They used to input a bunch of keywords here and there in their blog content and youtube videos. They used to rank easily and also earn a good amount of money. But, in over time search engines brought different algorithms. Social Media Marketing changed over the years. Artificial Intelligence Companies like Google, facebook emerged and started recognizing and identifying the false or Spam Affiliate Marketers. They started penalizing them by not showing their content to the proper audience leaving affiliate marketers a hard time.

Many people stopped promoting programs and products online. Only a few Marketers with big followers list or good email list made use of it. Now, the question is what if any person who really likes to make his career in Internet Marketing especially promoting good products?

Is there any chance left for him/her with Tai Lopez’s Brand new program which is called “Cashflow”?

A few days ago, Tai Lopez did Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram live and also sent a couple of emails to all his followers stating that if someone after joining the new program i.e, his new Affiliate marketing programs promoting his higher-end commission products not making more than $2500 in profits, he would be giving them all their money back. It was quite shocking in this Affiliate Marketing Industry to give this kind of offer and it probably spellbound persons in this Industry. Some of the early adopters, who knew about Tai’s programs and also about his promotions took advantage of that offer. It was an early bird offer. Earlier, he launched 67 steps and SMMA programs that were very successful. His promoters made good amount of profits though he did not give them any training to promote his products. It was a win-win strategy for both Tai and his promoters.

Maybe, with the changing times, I guess Tai, by his advanced Intelligent thinking, adopted to this new marketing trends. He stated that instead of spending huge amounts on Facebook, Google and Instagram advertising, he would like to share his revenue with his promoters by not paying a lot of money to already established billion-dollar companies. He stated it boldly. As a digital marketer, I felt very happy hearing about it.

Why am I feeling happy about this Brand New program?

Because I’ve seen the ups and downs in promoting, bringing traffic, etc online. I am in the digital marketing field for a while and apart from doing SEO and Social Media Services, I do Affiliate Marketing for a few products. As Affiliate Marketers, we do a lot of work behind the scenes. We put a lot of hard work and a lot of effort, put our heart and soul in bringing traffic to our websites. And the challenging part in Affiliate Marketing is, people enter their email id, they watch a video or webinar and they leave the website. But that’s okay. Only a few people take action immediately and join the program. If someone joins, you would be getting a commission for the hard work being done but most of the time, people wouldn’t be taking action immediately. As we all know not everyone in this world would be joining any programs immediately. Let us consider ourselves as an example, probably in the past, we might have joined a few courses. We did not join as soon as the video or the webinar gets done. Before joining the program we take some time to think about it especially if it is a high ticket offer. We cannot blame anyone for not joining the program immediately. The reason may be anything like lack of money or lack of resources or being skeptical or they would be waiting for the right time to come.

And the most interesting part is, after one or two months they join the program directly. Usually, they forget to use your Affiliate link. Just recall how many times in the past we did the same thing forgetting the Affiliate link of the person who helped us to join the program. This is not right. But it is quite common. But, from an Affiliate point of view, you are not going to get any benefit out of that sale as you kept a lot of effort and energy bringing that particular person into the funnel.

People subscribe to their email list and the agency keeps them in the loop, sends them daily emails and one day they join the program directly. This is quite disappointing. But this is how the system works. I knew a few Affiliate Marketers who stopped promoting the products.

But Why Is Tai Lopez Cashflow Program So Special?

Why am I excited about Tai Lopez CashFlow System as an Affiliate?

Tai Lopez stated that he would be tracking down every activity about your potential prospect – to whom you’re driving to his website, who are all signing up, what are they doing after enrolling or free email signups?  Your custom link or Super Affiliate link would get associated with the person whom you have driven to his funnel. Even if the person joins the program directly without using your link, you would still get your Affiliate Commission because Tai tracks every single email subscription that comes from your Affiliate Link.

Detail Description About Tai Lopez Cashflow System:

After enrolling in the program, you would be given access to various kinds of products to promote such as Digital programs, Business services, and Physical products and you will be getting commissions accordingly depending upon the purchase.

If someone purchases a Digital product using your link, you would be paid for that purchase. After one or two months, having gone through Tai’s training, they may purchase Tai’s other programs. If they purchase a new program or product, your custom link will be always in connection with their email id. So you would be getting the benefit for that particular sale and all the other sales in the future whatever they make.

As far as I know about this Industry, No one is offering this kind of Generous OFFER TODAY.

If you referring someone to this program such as friends or followers, explain to them about the unique benefits of this program. Your unique custom link will take them to a training video presentation of Tai.

After watching the video,  either they would be joining the program or they may not. But your link will get connected with their email in Tai’s Funnel.

If anyone buys the course, you will get paid 50% of the commission and also you would be earning up to 10% sales override on everything your referrals sell i.e, if they make any sale then you would be rewarded. You get a percentage of whatever they do. In this way,  you can build a stream of Passive Income flow and it’s the sweetest thing in the world. This is a great source of Passive Income for you.

Let’s say, for example, you are referring Bob into the program. You get paid 50% as commission. i.e, $500. And also your URL would get linked to Bob’s email id for that sale. This tracks everything about their sale activities. Now, Bob is referring to John. If John is making $400 sales, you would be getting $500 and also on John’s sales that is 10% on his $400 sales. So, a total of $500+$40 commission as a Super Affiliate.

Just think if you could get 5 to 10 people under you, there are a lot of commissions you would be making.  You are a Super Affiliate and Affiliates underneath you would give you Passive Income.

The more number of people you refer, the more your passive Income will be. Initially, you need to do some front-loaded work. Later you would be enjoying the fruits of that work. But, do not depend only on the Super Affiliate source of Income (Commissions) of this program, There are a lot of Tai’s other programs.

This is not an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) or any other scheme. It is a common 2 tier Affiliate Promotion Marketing. It is very common in the Industry. There would be no down lines and multiple levels like other programs in which people would get paid from other people earnings and it is very tough. The top person would be earning a lot of money. But it gets tougher when it comes down to the bottom level.

Here with Tai’s Program, it is like a team of Affiliates working under you whereas you will be earning a Passive Income from their commissions. It is also called Sales Override. I think it is one of the great new sources of Income (cashflow) andd you can start promoting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

My suggestion, we don’t need to spam people sharing our URLs or creating any fake email ids. All of us knew that Tai Lopez is such a huge brand in this Industry. He would be doing 90% of the work promoting his products. Many people would be watching his ads on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and they would be ready to enroll in the program. All we need to do is, we need to reach our targetted audience i,e. just 10% of the work. But do it in the right way. It would be quite simple if you follow his training inside your dashboard after you enroll.

Internet is a Big Market. Every day, a new set of people enter this market. But there are only a few people who would like to learn Social Media Marketing Services. If you come across such kind of programs, you can give them your link. They learn the skill set and help their clients. Here, you are not doing anything wrong by bringing the people into the funnel. You are providing valuable information to different kinds of people and get paid for that.

This is the best program to promote to someone who is looking for Affiliate Marketing. You can suggest them this system and explain the benefits of the Super Affiliate Cashflow Program.

The new bees who would like to enter here but they feel overwhelmed by looking at the terms SEO, Social Media Services, Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing. No need to worry about it. In the program, Tai gives free Affiliate Marketing Training. This does not mean that you should promote Tai’s products but you can promote other programs depending upon your interests and likes.

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What my Take on this Product – MY FINAL THOUGHTS:

My suggestion and recommendation for you:

DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY! Trends keep on changing and we must update ourselves with it. Why miss Opportunity especially from someone like Tai. This is his brand-new product and he is very confident about its new launch.

Friends, this is my honest review of this product. If you still have any more doubts or if you would like to learn more about this program? Contact me. I would like to clear your doubts. I don’t try to sell anything, I try to explain whatever I’m getting from this program and about the benefits.

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I wish you all the best and take care. Have lots of Success!